General Information

Extracurricular Activities

An extracurricular activity is defined as any activity sponsored by the school and at the convenience of the school that causes students to be absent from curricular class periods.

 The following are considered extracurricular activities:

1. Student government and its related activities and organization.
2. Music festivals or contests, speech contests, debates, dramatics contests.
3. Organized activities that are part of interscholastic athletics.
4. Organized activities that are part of intramural athletics.
5. All types of interscholastic competition.
6. Special interest clubs.

In an effort to provide a reasonably safe and educationally sound extracurricular activities program, the following guidelines shall be observed:

1. Only drivers currently licensed to operate a school bus shall operate a school bus on any school sponsored activity.
2. There must be an adult sponsor, in addition to the bus driver for each extracurricular activity that requires school furnished transportation.
3. All activities must be scheduled through the principal’s office and placed on the calendar at the specific school office. The calendar will reflect the time, place and time of departure.
4. Students may not ride in private vehicles to or from any extracurricular activity without prior written consent of the requesting student’s parent or guardian and consent of the activity’s sponsor.
5. Evidence of insurance shall be required for each student who participates in an extracurricular activity.
6. All extracurricular activities shall operate within the rules and guidelines of the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association.

While all students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, the following requirements must be met:

1. A student must be passing in all subjects he/she is enrolled in during a semester to participate as outlined by the OSSAA. For more information on academic eligibility, please see your principal or athletic director.
2. The student must meet the school’s attendance policy as indicated in this handbook and Board Policy.
3. The student must be in good standing within the rules of the activity.

Name of Club/Organization

It’s Mission or Purpose


Fellowship of Christian Athletes

To promote a Christian attitude in athletics


Student Council

Student government/service


National Junior Honor Society

To promote academics/honor/service


Culture Club

To celebrate different cultures



To promote school


Tiny Tigers

An audition only music performance class