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General Information

Spectator Code of Conduct
The following code of conduct for spectators should serve as a model for sports fans at all school sponsored athletic events:

BELIEVING THAT sportsmanship is a by-product of a spirit of tolerance and good will and the centering of attention on the good qualities involved, and BELIEVING THAT my conduct is an important part of the school’s athletic program, I PLEDGE to act in accordance with these principles.

As an athletic spectator, I will:

1. Exemplify the highest moral character, behavior, and leadership so as to be a worthy example.

2. Maintain and exhibit pose, self-discipline during and after the contest.

3. Conduct myself in such a manner that attention is drawn not to me, but to the participants playing the game.

4. Regulate my actions at all times so that I will be a credit to the team I support, knowing the school gets the praise or blame for my conduct since I represent the school the same as does the athlete.

5. Support all reasonable moves to improve good sportsmanship.

6. Treat a visiting team and spectators as guests, being courteous and fair.

7. Avoid actions that will offend the individual athlete.

8. Accept the judgment of the coach.

9. Honor the rights of visitors in a manner in which I would expect to be treated.

10. Respect the property of the school.

11. Display good sportsmanship by being modest in victory and gracious in defeat.

12. Pay respect to both teams as they enter for competition.

13. Appreciate the good plays by both teams.

14. Show sympathy for an injured player.
15. Regard the officials as guests and treat them as such.

16. Direct my energies to encouraging my team rather than booing the officials.
17. Believe that the officials are fair and accept their decisions as final.
18. Learn the rules of the game in order to be a more intelligent fan.
19. Consider it a privilege and duty to encourage everyone to live up to the spirit of the rules of fair play and sportsmanship.
20. Realize that privileges are invariably associated with great responsibilities and that spectators have great responsibilities.
21. Realize that obscene cheers, littering, throwing of objects, ad verbal indignities directed toward athletes, spectators, or officials have no place in school athletics.
Academic & Athletic Locker Rules & Regulations

1. Each student must use the locker assigned to him/her. Each student must have a quality lock and place it on the locker to ensure its contents against theft or damage. A combination or key lock will be acceptable and the extra key or written combination will be given to the student’s first hour teacher. Secure lockers are a vital safety concern.

2. The student must keep the locker locked at all times as the school cannot assume responsibility or liability for books and articles missing from lockers. Student’s are not permitted to share lockers.

3. The administration reserves the right to cut off the lock on any locker assigned to a student. Any items left in an unlocked locker will be removed, and students in violation will lose their locker privilege and/or receive disciplinary consequences