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General Information

Extracurricular Activities
An extracurricular activity is defined as any activity sponsored by the school and at the convenience of the school that causes students to be absent from curricular class periods.
The following are considered extracurricular activities:
1. Student government and its related activities and organization.
2. Music festivals or contests, speech contests, debates, dramatics contests.
3. Organized activities that are part of interscholastic athletics.
4. Organized activities that are part of intramural athletics.
5. All types of interscholastic competition.
6. Special interest clubs.

In an effort to provide a reasonably safe and educationally sound extracurricular activities program, the following guidelines shall be observed:

1. Only drivers currently licensed to operate a school bus shall operate a school bus on any school sponsored activity.
2. There must be an adult sponsor, in addition to the bus driver for each extracurricular activity that requires school furnished transportation.
3. All activities must be scheduled through the principal’s office and placed on the calendar at the specific school office. The calendar will reflect the time, place and time of departure.
4. Students may not ride in private vehicles to or from any extracurricular activity without prior written consent of the requesting student’s parent or guardian and consent of the activity’s sponsor.
5. Evidence of insurance shall be required for each student who participates in an extracurricular activity.
6. All extracurricular activities shall operate within the rules and guidelines of the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association.

While all students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, the following requirements must be met:

1. A student must be passing in all subjects he/she is enrolled in during a semester to participate as outlined by the OSSAA. For more information on academic eligibility, please see your principal or athletic director.
2. The student must meet the school’s attendance policy as indicated in this handbook and Board Policy.
3. The student must be in good standing within the rules of the activity.

Student Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities (Participation Requirements)

1. All students who are members of school activity groups, including 4-H are limited to ten absences per year per class period. Any deviation from the ten days absence rule shall not exceed five days.
2. It is the responsibility of the student to plan and be responsible for these absences. The student should check with sponsors at the beginning of the school year to aid in selection of events that the student may wish to attend.
3. The principal will keep or cause to be kept a record of those days or class periods missed due to school activities. These records will be open for inspection by the student, parent or guardian of the student, sponsors, and other teachers daily to aid the student in planning absences throughout the year.
4. Any absence over the maximum of the ten absences without the written permission of the Internal Activities Review Committee shall be counted as an unexcused absence in accordance with local board policy.

Sponsor/Teacher Responsibilities

1. It is the responsibility of the sponsor/teacher to prepare a list of activities that the student may attend during the school year and advise students of this list. These activities should be prepared and given to the principal at the beginning (0or as soon as possible) of the school year.
2. The sponsor/teacher should help the student select only those activities that will be of benefit to the student and/or the school.
3. Sponsor/teacher should check activity absentee list regularly in order to help students plan for future absences.
4. Sponsor/teacher should strive not to be absent from any class period more than ten times due to attendance at activities.

Criteria for Earning the Right to Represent the School in Activities or Contests Beyond Ten Days

1. Athletics – Guidelines as set forth by Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association for participation beyond district competition. 2. Fine Arts (Vocal, Instrumental, Speech, Drama & Debate) Guidelines as set forth by Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association for participation beyond district competition.
Student Involvement in Clubs & Organizations
There is truly something for everyone at Ardmore Middle School. Some of the groups and organizations that students can be a part of are art, band, strings, speech/debate, pom, cheerleading, vocal music and athletics. All are an outgrowth of the elective program. Additional rehearsals preceding performances are scheduled as needed.
Clubs & Organizations

Name of Club/Organization It’s Mission or Purpose Advisory/Sponsor
Fellowship of Christian Athletes To promote a Christian attitude in athletics Niki Rogers
Student Council Student government/service Melissa Knight
National Junior Honor Society To promote academics/honor/service Alex Doby
Culture Club To celebrate different cultures Talitha Howell
Pom/Cheer To promote school Callie Pollard
Tiny Tigers An audition only music performance class Sarah Watts

Competitive Athletics

The Ardmore Athletic Department wants all student athletes’ experience while participating in sports to be a memorable and fun experience. Participation in student athletics is a privilege, not a requirement or obligation; therefore students must earn the privilege to be a part of the athletic program. The Ardmore Athletic Department encourages all students to be a part of a sport.

No parent/guardian should approach a coach at the conclusion of a game or competition to voice a concern. This is not the appropriate time to discuss or express concerns with the coach. Our coaches will not meet with parents during or after a game. When a parent/guardian needs to meet with a coach, they should follow the proper procedure. First, call the coach to schedule an appointment and visit. After the meeting, if the parent/guardian is not satisfied, then the next step would be to take the concern to the Athletic Director. If the parent/guardian is still not satisfied after meeting with the Athletic Director, the parent/guardian should call and schedule a meeting with the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, 226-7650, Ext 211.

All athletes and parents must sign the Tiger Pride agreement prior to participating in any sport. In addition, all student athletes must attend a school sport assembly with the athletic department and high school administration office to discuss expectations as a student, citizens, and athlete during the fall semester.

Extracurricular/Athletic Eligibility Calculation & Reporting

A student’s eligibility will be determined on Thursday of each week. After eligibility is reported on Thursday an Eligibility Report is created. The period of probation and ineligibility will always begin the Monday following the day eligibility is checked and will run Monday through Sunday evening. If a student is placed on the ineligible listing, they may not participate in athletics or any extra-curricular activity until they achieve passing grades and are no longer listed as ineligible.
See the complete rules on scholastic eligibility as provided and required by the OSSAA.